Our Story

The Story of when a baker met a Rose and fell in love.

Standing in one of the Queen’s Rose Gardens eating a piece of brioche (from Patisserie Valerie) that was the very moment I realized I was in love with pastry. Since that time in the Queen’s Rose Garden I have never turned back. Not to mention I have never had a piece of brioche that fantastic, it has become a journey chasing that moment. These are the experiences that I would like to attempt to share with our guests.

The Rose has been a pivotal flower throughout my life. It was the first sugar flower I ever made, my mother’s middle name, my favorite flower, the queen’s garden I have spent so much time walking through and now on this journey I have found my Rose as it happens to be my wife’s last name. It sounds a bit silly but for something that has continually been a positive in my life it was the only thing that made perfect sense to name my next patisserie.

I believe that the lifeblood of a patisserie is the neighborhood.
I invite you to stop in and share a moment with us.

Chef John Kraus